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Salametcom - Be Healthy - founded in April 2012

The association was established in Jerusalem for one purpose – to help Palestinian patients, residents of the West Bank and Gaza, who come to Israeli hospitals. Salametcom relieves their pain and supports them throughout the long journey of receiving medical treatment. In doing so Slamcom also gives them hope.

Today, in 2021, the association has been operating, voluntarily, non-stop for the past nine years. From a handful of volunteers, the association has become a network that includes hundreds of volunteers who help and invest their time.

True, the road is full of bumps and hardships, but the real reward remains the great smiles of the patients and their families, and the gratitude we would not have had if we had not continued on the journey.

Every year, thousands of Palestinians who need medical treatment come to Israeli hospitals

Most of them come due to a serious illness and in poor financial condition, and need ongoing psychological support. Some of them know that they will have to stay in hospitals for months, with the smell of the drugs and the beeping of the devices in the background, far from their families and friends and waiting for good news that will mark the end of hospitalization and their return home.

How the association operates

What help does Salametcom provide to these patients?

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Our team

We are all volunteers – starting with the board of directors, which includes people from different fields and specializations, all the way to all the members of the association and its assistants, they work hard together, and without waiting for any financial compensation in return, separated by the fields of life and its work, and united here by their love and desire to give and offer love and help to all those in need.

Yaacob Ibrahim, adv

Dr. Nora Jaber

Dr. Haneen Majadlh

Yosef Ibrahim, adv

Abeer jaber

Sarah Dajani

Taisser Alyan

Dr. Shadi salih

Angham Huseen

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After this year, as always, we know how to say: Despite the pain there is hope! Every year we know that without your contribution - the help that Salametcom provides would not have been possible and all this would not have happened. Thank you to everyone who supported, donated or helped patients, thank you to everyone who opened their hearts to help. Want to be a part and help us help as many patients as possible? Feel free to donate and become part of the Salametcom family.


Year 2022 in numbers

Despite the corona crisis and the difficulties it posed to us, even in the past year Salamat has helped tens of thousands of patients.

We distributed hundreds of types of medicines and medical devices, and helped them raise hundreds of thousands of shekels to fund medical treatments.

Hundreds of volunteers helped the patients financially, mentally and logistically. Among other things, during the year:

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1300 +

Travel to patients

We made over 1,620 trips for patients from the checkpoints to the various hospitals and back to the checkpoint.

6700 +

Patients and their attendants

We have been privileged to help more than 7,800 patients and their caregivers, to hear their difficult and exciting stories, to share moments of joy, and to have a second family in a time of crisis.

0 +

Transportation by ambulance

 We transported more than 100 patients who needed transportation by ambulance.

7000 +

Hot home-cooked meals

 We distributed more than 9600 hot home meals that helped the lenders feel a little more at home

Bye 2020

Despite the pain, there is hope


المرافقة والترجمة للمرضى

تقديم المساعدة في العلاجات الطبية

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